Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How one sound can affect someone.

How can one particular sound affect someone? As I listen to the world, I hear the sound of crackling fireworks. How does one perceive that sound? I, personally look forward and excited to it knowing the Fourth of July is here. My summer has just begun. It is the beginning of my favorite season. Hope and bliss is filling the land with peace and Mother Nature's harmony. However, the sounds of the fireworks can instill negative feelings in someone else. One can mistaken fireworks for gun shots which can be quite scary. One can associate the fireworks or the Fourth of July with a negative memory. My dog despises the sounds of fireworks. She hides under a chair and shakes as she is petrified. It is funny to me how one sound can affect people or even an animal differently. This is something I wanted to share with you all. Happy Fourth of July!