Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is change a good thing or a bad thing?

Some people like change. "Out with the old in with the new," is a common expression used. We can associate change with "Spring cleaning;" a term used when it is time to throw away the old and make room for new things. I, personally hate change. I like keeping old things and I guess Freud would consider me anal. Tonight, my husband updated my iPad and I was livid. I was upset because everything looks different. I detest that because I was quite comfortable the way things were. In terms of my writing, I don't mind change. For example, my novella, Ignition: An Educator's Journey changed dramatically from the original way I wrote it. It was originally written from a third person's point of view. This then changed to a first person's point of view, my main character, Karen Woolsworth. Later, I was told to add much dialogue so that the reader can fully be part of the characters' conversations. This kind of change, I did not mind. I rather enjoyed making all the changes as I knew it would better my book. However, it's the nitty gritty changes that involve updates on an iPad, cell phone, computer, cable service that I become uncomfortable with. I guess change can be good, but you have to want that change to take place. It can also be horrifying as well. For example, changing a job or moving to a new land. What do you feel about change? Is it time for you to do some spring cleaning in your life?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marketing Yourself Is Not An Easy Task!

It is very hard for me to market myself. In the past when I first started blogging, I used to send my blog to celebrities. Naturally, I never heard a response. However, I secretively hoped that they read my blog. One time while getting my nails done, I mentioned my book to someone while we were drying our nails. She sounded interested, but you never know. It is very difficult for me to be aggressive and push my book. My husband has no problem promoting my book. In fact, he actually got positive feedback from someone he met on a train one day. The man he met purchased the book in front of my husband on his kindle. I deposited my first check from my book for one whole dollar. Yes it was only $1.00. Authors do not make much at all. We do it for the pleasure of writing; imagine that. Anyway, while depositing my check I decided to advertise myself to the bank teller. She wished me congrats but didn't really question me about my book too much. I did not have that salesman approach and let it go. I am a little lost for words and do not have any idea what to do in order to advertise myself. I do believe in my novella, Ignition: An Educator's Journey. However, my inner self prohibits me from advertising myself in a boastful manner. Any suggestions???

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Superhero Day

Today at my school, we celebrated Superhero day where students and teachers dress up as their favorite superhero. In order to be part of the school spirit, I decided to dress up. Besides I thought it could be fun. I wore a blue and red cape that draped my back giving me that "super" look. Today, I ordered lunch with a few friends and we were talking while eating. Then it happened. A woman eating with us started to choke. It went down the wrong way and she started turning red and a touch of purple. Everyone surrounded her and tried to help her. I screamed out, "she needs a drink." I ran to get her drink,leaping over desks and chairs in a single bound. She was able to sip it slowly and was healed. The irony of this day. I was a superhero, at least for the moment. Was it me or was it the cape?

Ignition Trailer

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Your Novella Comes To Life.

I recently published my novella titled, Ignition. The genre for Ignition is realistic fiction. This novella depicts a typical school with challenging students. Today, I am in awe to say that my novella came to life. For example, I had to cover a class in the safe-house. The safe-house is a place where students go when they have broken a rule. For example, getting into a fight, cursing out a teacher, doing something either offensive or naughty. One girl in the room refused to do her work and called me feisty when I told her to do her work. Then she addressed me as her "homegirl." She reminded me so much of my character, Leslie from my book. If I were to create a movie based on Ignition, she would have definitely landed the role as Leslie(a troubled teen who gets into trouble physically, emotionally with the dangerous student, Kevin Connelly.) Later that period, we heard yelling in the corridor outside the safe-house. This girl commented, "Oh well, someone is getting raped." I was appalled by this comment and knew that even my character, Leslie would probably not joke about rape. I felt sad for this girl who took such a horrific word so lightly. Rape is nothing to joke about especially for a young lady to do.
Anyway, I did want to share with you what a typical day can be like for a teacher in a school. As you can see, it is calming and tranquil filled with delightful, caring children that embrace the world with kindness and sincerity. One can hope!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is a true celebrity?

I ask myself a question, what is a true celebrity? Today the world views celebrities differently than they did years ago. Celebrities used to be viewed as classy, sophisticated, and glamorous. In order to be a celebrity, you had to be in the movies. Today, you just have to cause controversy or be on a reality show in order to receive that title. I usually listen to the radio in the morning. They announce every day a different celebrity's birthday. Yesterday they announced that it was Joey Buttafuoco birthday. I do not nor would I ever consider him to be a celebrity. That made me feel disgusted. The radio talk show did announce his name in a derogatory way. However, why bring him up at all? I also cannot understand why the Kardashians are considered to be celebrities. Have they acted in a movie lately? I mean "really" act in a movie. The same goes for Paris Hilton. I do kind of like the nostalgia of the glitz and glamor associated with old fashioned "Hollywood." I miss that way of thinking. However, there are positive changes that takes place today and not years ago. Years ago, you had to look, act, or move a certain way. Today there are many talented people that are accepted and I appreciate that. However, I would not consider any "drama queen" or an "adulterer" to be a celebrity. It is an elite title and should be thought about before using it loosely. How does this make you feel?

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Prayer In Need

In August 2012, I had posted a blog based on Mastocytosis. I mentioned that my friend fights this disease everyday. Unfortunately, it appears as though Mastocytosis is winning at the moment. She is fighting for her life in the hospital. Doctors had to induce her in a coma-like state. Unfortunately, her family indicated to all of her friends that she is not doing well at the moment. Her prognosis does not look too promising. That is the reason why I decided to write this blog today. In 2012, my friend requested that I blog about her condition, which to be honest I did not know too much about. Naturally I agreed to do it and I was able to educate myself on the disease. Her main request for telling me to write about it was so that people would become knowledgable about this condition that many people are not aware of. I am also writing this as a means of reaching out to whomever decides to read this blog and put a prayer out there because you never know. I decided to not include any pictures or videos in this particular blog. I wanted it to be just plain black and white to represent the solemn message behind this blog. Do you have a close friend or relative that is going through something similar? Please think about them and think about my friend as well. Thank you.