Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why Does A Liar Feel The Need To Lie?

I often wonder why does a pathological liar feel the need to lie.  Do they fe superior making up a story?  Is it a form of control?  Do they not really know the difference between fiction and reality?  Unfortunately,  I have been recently bitten by a snake.  This snake slithered his way into my life as a colleague, and then as a friend.  I caught him in many lies in the beginning of the year.  Most people want to see the good in people and tend to look away so that the person's positive attributes outweigh the negative.  I know I do; especially when you are working with this person.  In the work place, you always want to appear professional.  Getting along peacefully with all of your colleagues is everyone's goal. I did get along with one of my colleagues.  "You're family.  You truly are a sister to me," he informed me.  Naturally, I was elated by this comment.  However, this person went out of control and told me some ridiculous story and promised to protect me.   Since I know this person is making up this farce story, the only thing I need is protection from his Web of deceit. How do I pretend to fake a relationship in order to complete the rest of the year?   I ask you, why do liars lie?  I asked a friend and she simply said that some people are psychotic and crazy and some are not.  The only silver lining is that this person's character will feature in my next book, Part 2 of Ignition.   He's far too crazy and villainous to not put in.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Successful Feeling

This past weekend, I had another book signing.  This is my second one.  I felt more successful with this one than the first.  Besides having more purchases, my manager marketed my book more effectively.  I had it at a wonderful bagel store in New York.  The owner is very kind to allow me to do a book signing in her shop.  Also, during my first signing I did not schedule it for the best time.  It was scheduled late in the day the week before Christmas.  Teachers in my town were already on vacation.  However, this time I scheduled it on a early Sunday morning when the bagel store was at its busiest.  I felt a certain sense of accomplishment that I did not feel before.  It was a good feeling  and I look forward to doing more book signings.