Sunday, October 18, 2015

Don't Let Social Media Control You!!!

Humans are truly insecure.  For example, why do we all choose to have so many friends on Facebook. Are we truly friends with the person we just clicked, "like" after reading their post?  Do we click like to satisfy our own insecurities?  We know many people clicked like and so, we want to fit in and click like as well.   Why do we feel the need to post our latest photo.  Does it really matter if Shelia, Ted, Bob, Bethany like our photo?  I saw a wonderful, but tragic advertisement for AT&T regarding texting while driving.  A woman put her baby girl in the back seat.  As she was driving her phone went off.  She looked down and made a comment to her daughter.  "Everyone likes the picture I posted of you."  At that moment, she collide with another car.  Her car spun out of control, lifted up in the air, and that was probably the end of them.  It is sad that we live in a world where social media controls us.  The next time you look at Facebook; ask yourself: How many people are my actual friends?  Why did I just tweet the world what I was up to?  Why did I post a photo on Instagram for the entire universe to see?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Things Change From One Minute To The Next

Did you ever notice how one minute you may feel elated over something and the next minute, you feel upset or confused? Sometimes, I turn myself back in time and think about what I was doing a week ago.  For example, a week ago I had an amazing"Girls nite out," with my friends.  This week; not so amazing.  I am stuck in the house due to personal reasons.  I am writing this blog, literally sitting in the dark.  The fact that I am writing in darkness symbolizes my current day as well as my mood.  It's ok to once in a while have moments like this as this moment encouraged me to blog.  Unfortunately, I have not blogged in a while.  When I do blog, I get a rush or feeling of excitement.
I apologize for writing quite a short blog, but I am glad I was able to get my thoughts out.  Think about where you were a week ago and then now.  Enjoy your precious moment to the fullest.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yesterday, a strange thing happened to me or shall I say encounter.  I met an energy healer.  She was kind enough to give me a short session to see what it was like.  Our short session started with her burning sage under my chair.  Then she began to feel my energy and was able to tell that I am a teacher.  She was able to see a classroom.  I indicated my feelings lately for the profession.  She indicated to me that I had to become a teacher as that was part of my journey in life.  I explained to her that I am an author as well.  I informed her that I wrote my novella: Ignition: An Educator's Journey, based on my experience as an educator.  She said that this clearly explains part of my purpose as to why I had to explore this profession.  She informed me that just because I am in it now does not lock me in for life and I can explore other facets as well that deal with me as a writer.  Then she said it, "Believe in yourself and your inner ambitions and goals could be achieved."  I admitted to her that I don't always believe and get discouraged to continue my journey as an author.  I am somewhat disappointed in myself as I promised that I would use the summer to work on my writing.  However, since I am a teacher and our system has changed drastically for the worse, I used my summer more for recuperation than exploration as an author.  I feel bad that I have not worked on writing, but I truly needed a break from it all.  I am not sure if I believe in someone being able to read my energy, but I do believe in her healing effect.  I do feel a little healed as a writer and have more confidence to continue my journey.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover; or A Film!

I admit it.  I was wrong about the new film, Annie.  At first, I was upset when it came out.  I thought to myself why ruin a good thing? I vowed that I would not see it.  I kept that vow until I noticed that it was running on Stars cable network.  Reluctantly, I took a shot.  I also always believed that Little Orphan Annie should have red curly hair as the prototyped Annie.  However, they put a spin on things and added new songs.  They took the story and added a modern day spin that didn't hinder the movie from being good.  I only wish they would've titled it different. To keep the original Annie sacred, I feel that they should have titled it: Annette:  A new spin on Annie.  Otherwise, I felt it was a very good flick.  Cameron Diaz portrayed a good Miss. Hannigan.  I liked that they changed the name from Daddy Warbucks to Mr. Stacks.  I appreciated the character Annie to be spunky as the original movie portrayed Annie to be.  I was a true fan of the movie.  I remember going to see it and was mesmerized by the plot and music the first time.  Again, I felt mesmerized by this modern tale.  I can be quite a sap and by the very end of the movie, I was in tears.  They may have been happy tears, but they were tears.  So, I give the new Annie a thumbs up and would definitely watch it again.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Revenge to the End!

Recently, I had time to catch up on my television shows that unfortunately I don't always have time to watch during the school year.  I finally got to see the series finale of Revenge.  I wondered how they would end this four year journey. I actually found myself procrastinating to watch the finale as I knew it would be the last one.  I fell in love with most of the characters.  I especially found myself rooting for the protagonist, Amanda Clark played by Emily VanCamp and her side kick, Nolan Ross, played by Gabriel Mann.  Together these two characters were the dynamic duo.  I couldn't wait to see what in-genius  plot they cooked up next.  The beauty behind the writing for this show is that it takes you behind the story and into a concept that people often wonder about: Revenge.  Is the act of revenge worth it or not?  Could revenge backfire upon one's soul?  Protagonist, Amanda discovers the true meaning of revenge and as viewers, we do too.  Some finales are awfully ridiculous and don't really leave the viewer with closure.  I can think back to another show that I used to love because the writing was phenomenal.  Some characters within that show would intertwine with other characters as one of the characters would narrate.  From a show with impeccable writing, I would expect an amazing finale.  However, to my devastation and astonishment, I was not given an ending that made sense.  This show was called One Tree Hill.  On the contrary, Revenge ended wonderfully and I feel they did the story just, which to me shows excellent writing.  Kudos to ABC's Revenge.  I will miss you.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Fun

I can see it now; lying on a beach while basking in the warm, endless sun.  Summer time is on her way and I can't wait.  Summer is a time for friends getting together.  During the winter, many people hibernate, but in the summer you see your neighbors again.  You have barbecues, parks, pools, fireworks to occupy your time.  During the year, I teach.  However, I look forward to the summer so that I can catch up on my writing as well as relax.  I can rejuvenate and replenish my stressed soul from the year.   I hope to catch up with many people that I don't really have a chance to see during the school year.  Summer stands for peace, projects, and relaxation.  I always look forward to the summer and plan on embracing her with a warm welcome. Unfortunately, she comes and goes really briskly. I never feel that there is enough time to really take a moment out and enjoy her presence for the time that she is here.  As soon as I become accustomed to her, she disappears while vanishing and leaving the Earth to be dull and tragic.  I wouldn't mind grabbing hold of her rays while coaxing her to stay among us longer.  I do believe she brings people together.  There is definitely a placid, free feeling in the air where I admit to feeling calm and safe.   We can dress lighter and comfortably.  We need not worry about jackets and hats that mess up our hair.  We do not need to worry about blizzards, ice storms, or frigid temperatures.  We can all take a deep breath as we breathe that summer, sweet air.  What does summer mean to you?  How do you plan on spending your summer?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Resource for Teachers on Slavery

Since I am an educator, I know that sometimes it can be challenging getting through to our students and helping them to understand material.  Students struggle with understanding historical concepts as they may not be able to believe the atrocities of long ago are real.  Therefore, I write pretending to be that person from that time period.  I try to base it on facts and put a spin on it so that students can understand concepts better.  I wanted to share with you a piece I recently wrote, pretending to be a slave.  This can be used as a read aloud.  You can develop questions for your students based on this reading.  If you would like to send me feedback, I would very much like to hear what you have to say.

The year is 1795.  I don’t have a name.  I don’t have an identity.  I belong to my master. I live in the South.  The cotton gin was invented a few years ago.  This invention is my nightmare.  Because it was invented, all I do is pick cotton all day and part of the night in the fields.  If I don’t pick them fast enough, I get a whipping.  I don’t want to get married because my life is not really having a life.  I know a man who has a wife and children.  He was just forced to separate from his wife and children.  It is very sad.  His children will not grow up with their father.  Chances are, his children won’t grow up with a mother.  They probably will separate the mom next from her children.  That’s what they usually do.  I have seen death all around me.  I saw a man get lashed and brutally whipped because he dropped his bushel of cotton.  I have heard the screams of a woman getting attacked by her master.  I have seen young children being murdered because of their color.  I have seen it all.  I have no name.  I don’t feel like a human being.  I have no identity.  I do my work and try to stay alive.  I am better off not having a name; walking through the shadows of the night, while melting in the heat during the day

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Influences You?

A friend of mine asked me to blog on the topic: influence.  I thought to myself that this can be done in so many ways, but yet accepted the challenge.  Sometimes, we can be influenced by other people.  We may come across positive influences as well as negative.  I used to have a friend in junior high.  Unfortunately, she was a bad influence on me.  I did get into trouble at that time whenever I hung out with her.  However, I believe that bad influences come and go out of our lives for a reason.  This causes us to identify with our inner self on a deeper plateau.   Our environment definitely has a strong affect upon us.  If we are residing in an urbanized environment, our goals and expectations are much different from someone living in a rural environment.  There are many other influences that impress upon our lives such as music.  If we love to listen to a certain type of music, we may take that lifestyle that coincides with that music and thus  become one.  Teachers may have an influence upon our lives.  Henry Adams once said, "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."  Sometimes, we look up to celebrities as well as the world around us. We analyze the latest trends that are in the world and get influenced to want to be part of that.  As human beings, we are like sponges.  We soak up so much information that the world has to offer us.  We becomes easily influenced to follow and submerse our self into what the norm has decided for us.  It is very difficult for most people to be a leader and not a follower.  I think one of the most difficult challenges in life is to try to influence others and not become influenced.  "True leaders don't create followers. They create more leaders."

Saturday, May 16, 2015

What Is Beauty?

Do you ever question yourself as to what the word, "beauty" means?  Sometimes, we may walk along the beach, and become mesmerized  by the beautiful ocean.  We may look in our very own backyard and catch ourselves glaring at an exotic bird while admiring her beauty.  There are many things that can be seen as beautiful.  A person may be beautiful and nice to look at.  However, there are some people who may be superficial and want to only hang out with someone of beautiful appearance.  How do we decide who is beautiful?  What if a person is breathtakingly beautiful on the outside, but ghastly on the inside.  They may be filled with malicious intent.  As they say, "beauty is skin deep."  If someone appears unsightly on the outside, but filled with pure pulchritude on the inside, isn't that person considered to be beautiful?  One of my students was born deformed.  His face is disfigured and appears grotesque on the outside.  However, he would do anything for anyone.  His heart is gracious and is always amiable to anyone he comes into contact with.  However, unfortunately students tend to tease and belittle him.  They cause him to feel much trepidation that he is constantly reluctant to attend school.  The kids that try every day to demolish his inner soul, tend to be beautiful on the outside, but are truly unprepossessing on the inside.  So then I ask  you, "What does it mean to be beautiful?" "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!"

Monday, May 11, 2015


I used to be a fan of American Idol years ago when Simon Cowell was a judge on American Idol.  During the first season, Kelly Clarkson captured America's attention with her dominant voice and charismatic personality.  Ms. Clarkson set the tone for future contestants which was a tough act to follow.  Since then, in my opinion American Idol has lost part of its zing until now...  I recently started watching this season's American Idol (season 14).  Ms. Jax has captured my attention with her exhilarating rock performance.  She takes me back to a time period where rock 'n' roll music changed the face of the 80's. She reminds me of the infamous, Joan Jett known for her song, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."  Jax appears to be amiable and vivacious who is able to command the stage. When Jax performs, she transforms into a "rock icon" right before our very own eyes.  This season has been the most competitive yet.  However, Jax takes away the show into a mellifluous musical land.  Vote for Jax! I know I will. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


The idea of exploration can mean many things.  Sometimes we attempt to explore something new.  I tend to think of famous explorers such as Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus.  They were interested in exploring new lands and learning new things, while educating themselves.  When we travel, we explore as well.  Have you ever come across a cave or a dark basement that you're scared to go into, but yet feel compelled to explore it further?  We all have that inner curiosity that makes us yearn to explore and discover something new.

Besides exploring land, we can further explore ourselves.  In order to achieve and attempt to accomplish goals,we need to explore our inner soul.  When we know what our strengths and weaknesses are, we can then accomplish what we need to do in order to follow the correct path to our future dreams.  "Discovery is the road to exploration and exploration is the road to discovery." When we journey on a road on our own quest to explore, we never know what we will discover.  Ask yourself, is the unknown a worthy cause for our own discovery and exploration of life?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Does Forgiveness Cleanse Our Soul?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to write a blog on forgiveness.  At first, I thought how am I going to accomplish this when I could not really think of what to write exactly based on this topic.  I thought about this topic for a few days until I finally understood what the idea of "forgiveness" meant.

 If you were to look up in a dictionary the word forgive you would see,
"stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake."  It is an easy word to define.  However, is it an easy task to do?  A child as young as three years old may say, "I'm sorry."  A parent or a friend may say, "I forgive you."  However some crimes may be unforgivable.  Should a murderer be forgiven?  If someone took advantage of you and stole your money, should they be forgiven?  How much  do we allow ourselves to accept forgiveness?  "I forgive you," are three words that are not always so easy to say.  Sometimes, a friend might do something offensive to you, but time heals all wounds.  If you choose to live in a world of hatred and contempt, are you living the jovial life that you deserve?  If we don't forgive our friends, we may not have anyone to turn to and might live our life isolated from the outside world.  When you forgive someone, does it help you to relieve some tension and feel blithely again.  As a dear man once said,"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
If you decide to hold a grudge for the rest of your life will you truly feel at peace and be happy with your decision to hold on to your hate?   Mahatma Gandhi once said," The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."
Personally, I believe forgiveness is a difficult task to accomplish.  It all depends on the person's misdemeanor.  If a person did something that is horrific and indefensible, then forgiveness may be unfeasible.  If you choose to, you can try to rise above it and attempt to forgive.  However, never forget what was done so that you can never feel staggered by that person's actions again.  A wise man once said, "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names."  John F. Kennedy

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What is Fear?

If  you were to look up the word fear it would be defined as,"an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat."  So I ask you, what is fear?  Fear may mean to you failing a test.  Fear may symbolize an animal that always gets you to panic when you think of it.  For example, the fear of spiders is known as arachnophobia.  Some people are afraid of planes and go into a hysteria filled with trepidation whenever they are on a plane.  People worry about their family and fear for them when they are not well. 
However, sometimes, people welcome fear with open arms.  How many of you love to open up a good Stephen King novel and read it at night?  Sometimes we choose to watch a scary movie in order to get a good thrill.  I, personally think it is exciting to watch it at night. 
If the idea of fear is associated with an unpleasant emotion, then why do we welcome it in our home; on our television and our novels.   I guess as long as we use fear as a fictitious fun escape with the sole purpose of entertaining ourselves, then we can see fear as a unearthly fantasy.  As FDR said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Anger is an enthralling emotion.  People express their anger in various ways.  Some people tend to be silent while others isolate themselves from the rest of the world.  Some people express their anger by venting with family members or friends about the situation.  There are some people that show anger by screaming while slamming their fist through a wall.

Anger is an emotion that everyone exhibits.  If you take a step back and observe someone, you may get to learn much about their personality.  I remember my mom's friend once became very upset once.  He wasn't feeling well and became really agitated that he took his umbrella and threw it.  Some people resort to acts of violence when their inner soul encompasses angry thoughts.  Others do not know how to release their anger and may slip into a deep dark depression that they cannot escape.. Unfortunately, some people turn to alcohol or drugs in order to bypass their angry thoughts.

Anger is a unique emotion that all people display. Do you seclude yourself from the rest of the world?  Are you the type of person to call who ever you know in order to express what is bothering you?  Lastly, do you have rage black-outs as your temper escalates toward a point of no return?  The next time you're angry, stop and analyze yourself.  Observe your very own manifestation of this particular emotion.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reinventing Yourself

Is it a challenge to reinvent yourself?

If you read my blog, you know that I am in the process of reinventing myself.   This is definitely not an easy task to do.  During the day, I teach.  However, in my spare time, I write.  The problem I face is that I write.  The problem I face is that I write about topics that could be considered controversial dealing with education.  Friends of mine that read my book, Ignition: An Educator's Journey said that I should keep my mouth shut as to whom I am.  I write under my pseudo name, Michelle Arrose.  Thus, I keep my writing private in the dark.  Therefore, reinventing myself and expanding my dreams to the media is a harsh task for me to accomplish.  I do love writing and aspirate to eventually expose myself and become a successful writer.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Welcoming Spring Sunshine!

As I anxiously awaited for the sun to come out and join me and waited for the cold to pass, I planned some ideas I can do in the warmer weather.  Yesterday, the sun did join me and I was able to go with my family to a museum.  It was a very nice museum, educational and fun for all ages.  When we arrived there, I had to wait for family as they were running late.  I sat on the bench basking in the sun.  That was something I was unable to do for quite some time.  As she warmed my face, I took a breath of that fabulous spring air that left me relaxed and calm.  My heart felt warm and fuzzy as I embraced my first real spring outing.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thumbs down AMC LOEWS

Recently, I had one of the worst experiences of my life at a Loews movie theater.  I hardly ever go to the movies as I don't have the time.  However, recently I was finally able to get out a bit and went to go see American Sniper.  When we purchased our tickets, the cashier informed us to choose our seats.  Choose our seats? I was confused.  She showed me the lay out of the theater and showed me which seats were still available.  I felt as though I was inTimes Square, Manhattan purchasing tickets to a Broadway Show.  Unfortunately, the only seats that were available was the first row.  Reluctantly, we purchased the tickets.  When we sat down, I started to regret our decision.  Before the movie started, a woman got up next to me and told me that she has to relinquish her seat as she could not take it anymore.  As we watched the movie, I felt a little too close and I felt I was part of the movie.  Since the main character was mostly fighting in Iraq, I didn't want to be that close and become part of that scene.  I was a trooper and made it through that exhilarating movie, but came out very stiff.  I don't see why they had to create assigned seats.  Thumbs down, Loews. I will not go back to that particular movie theater anytime soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why Does A Liar Feel The Need To Lie?

I often wonder why does a pathological liar feel the need to lie.  Do they fe superior making up a story?  Is it a form of control?  Do they not really know the difference between fiction and reality?  Unfortunately,  I have been recently bitten by a snake.  This snake slithered his way into my life as a colleague, and then as a friend.  I caught him in many lies in the beginning of the year.  Most people want to see the good in people and tend to look away so that the person's positive attributes outweigh the negative.  I know I do; especially when you are working with this person.  In the work place, you always want to appear professional.  Getting along peacefully with all of your colleagues is everyone's goal. I did get along with one of my colleagues.  "You're family.  You truly are a sister to me," he informed me.  Naturally, I was elated by this comment.  However, this person went out of control and told me some ridiculous story and promised to protect me.   Since I know this person is making up this farce story, the only thing I need is protection from his Web of deceit. How do I pretend to fake a relationship in order to complete the rest of the year?   I ask you, why do liars lie?  I asked a friend and she simply said that some people are psychotic and crazy and some are not.  The only silver lining is that this person's character will feature in my next book, Part 2 of Ignition.   He's far too crazy and villainous to not put in.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Successful Feeling

This past weekend, I had another book signing.  This is my second one.  I felt more successful with this one than the first.  Besides having more purchases, my manager marketed my book more effectively.  I had it at a wonderful bagel store in New York.  The owner is very kind to allow me to do a book signing in her shop.  Also, during my first signing I did not schedule it for the best time.  It was scheduled late in the day the week before Christmas.  Teachers in my town were already on vacation.  However, this time I scheduled it on a early Sunday morning when the bagel store was at its busiest.  I felt a certain sense of accomplishment that I did not feel before.  It was a good feeling  and I look forward to doing more book signings.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unfair Expectations for Teachers!

Have you heard the ridiculous latest news?  Governor Cuomo announced that teachers will continue to be graded on students' State test scores.  If students' test scores continue to decline for two years in a row, teachers may face termination.  This was discussed at a teachers meeting the other day.  This is unfair and unjust for all teachers.  Some students with special needs are required to take the test.   For a teacher to be judged by their academic success is criminal and ridiculous.  Not all students can meet the criteria.  Some students are poor test takers in general.  It is extremely unfair to judge teachers based on students' test scores.  Students could have had a bad day as well while taking the exam.  Why is there animosity showed toward educators of the world?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Kids Run The Asylum

This is a sad world that we live in.  I will tell you that teachers are not in charge of their own professional destiny.  Students, today are in charge.  Students have a tendency to run a muck and control the room.  In my time, growing up, we were afraid of teachers.  Today, students think teachers are a joke. If you teach upper middle class students, some may tell their mommy on you and try to get you into trouble with the intent to do so.  However, if you teach urban or inner city students where their parent may not seen or heard from, then they can control you differently. They may go up to  your face and call you every name under the sun.  Their goal is to make you upset because they can.  Their other goal is to run around the classroom as they must show ownership.  Lastly, they enjoy and get off on smacking their peers over the head and see how many riots they can start. If you let them in each scenario, they can take you down.  I don't want to say this happens everywhere because I am sure there are some schools that have success stories that can vouch for and say that students are not in charge.  However in my many years of experience, (over a decade) I have not seen a utopian society for teachers which leads me to think that in my time, things were not that bad.  Bless the 1980's!  Educators were very fortunate long ago and I would love to see future teachers be as fortunate.  Why are students feeling the need to control teachers?  Is it because they are neglected at home?  Is it because they are given too much power at home?  Is it because "the powers that be," allow students to have to much of a say?  Think about this and remember kids can create many fascinating stories that might not always be true, but yet their stories advocate for their own agenda.  However some students' stories may indeed be accurate, but teachers should not always be persecuted as if they are born criminals.  If you ask any teacher why they felt the need to go into this profession, I guarantee you that they did not do it for the salary, but yearned to help the future minds of tomorrow grow and mature academically, socially, and emotionally.  Bless the teachers of the world!