Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Treacherous Storm

Did you ever feel as though your life is not in your control? I know we may feel like that when we are in an airplane, boat, or some type of public transportation. However, I felt this way yesterday driving through a scary blizzard. I had the option of using public transportation, but chose not to mainly because I didn't want to leave my car behind. What was supposed to be a twenty minute ride turned out to be five hours. Five hours!!! Can you believe that? Every time, I put my foot on the gas, I started to skid. Skidding is such an awful feeling where you have absolutely no control and can only hope for the best When you are driving through a treacherous storm, two things become your best friend. One being the radio to calm you down and the other saying prayers. As I saw I was getting into trouble every time I put my foot on the gas, I decided to just leave the car in drive without pressing the gas. Most cars did the same. However there were a few people driving ignorantly as they behaved in a cantankerous manner speeding by and trying to get to the finish line. I thought to myself that they were being so inconsiderate to others and driving quickly in a blizzard is dangerous for them to do as well. Some people do not have the acumen to make wise decisions. I finally made it after sliding through my journey to reach a few towns away. As I approached a town; not too far away from my home, danger was lurking around. I skidded and almost hit a pole. Thankfully, I was able to stop only to get stuck in a deep snow bank. I had the option: do I abandon my car and ask my husband to pick me up? Do I try to zoom through the snow and battle the grasp that it had on me? After a few minutes of contemplating what to do, I knew I had to give it a try before succumbing and giving in. I was able to bypass the snow and get back on the road. I finally arrived home a half an hour later. After my adventure, I realized that I should not try to attempt to travel like this again. In the future, I will welcome public transportation with open arms.