Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How One Hurricane Can Turn Your Life Upside Down!

Hurricane Sandy has taken over my life, dehumanized me, and left me too much stress. When I say dehumanize, I am referring to my husband and I living out of a bag in my aunt and uncle's living room. We are staying on a pull out couch. I am not complaining exactly because at least a roof is over our heads. However, I used to have more independence where I was immersed in freedom's glory. I could take my Toyota Corolla and drive to where ever I wanted. Since my car is gone, I cannot do that anymore. The worst is that I went home a week ago to continue to assess damages. I saw that my floor was picked up from the water and it turned into peaks and mini mountains. You have to be very careful where you step in order to not fall. Also, I was told to discard all of my belongings on the first floor. When I bought the house, a mini bar came with it. It was beautiful and full of mirrors and lights that lit up so bright. On the bottom, there was space where I could place paperwork and fancy dishes as well as wine bottles. On top of the bar held glasses. I loved it. The previous owner left me a piece of fine Italian furniture where I could store my dishes and it was sturdy and beautiful. However, since the water barged into my house, greedily without a thought, and was up to four feet high, I have to throw everything away. The water in my home was not sea water, but rather water from the sewers that is quite unsanitary to hold onto and could lead to future health problems if it is not thrown away. This means that I have to purchase everything new. I already threw away my sofa which was drenched in water. I feel like part of the storm has taken a piece of me away; a piece of my life. For example, my husband and I went to Disneyworld. My pictures are all destroyed and do not have any reminders of that trip as it was on an old digital camera and pictures have been erased since then. Pictures from my bridal shower were destoyed. Recently over the summer, I threw my husband a 40th birthday party. All those pictures are gone as well. It is not as valuable as my dining room set and kitchen set that has to be thrown away. However,I love pictures and am a sucker for sentimental things. A friend at work said that I should take time out and say goodbye to the items that must go (which is about everything). We have to hire people that have to gut and clean up the home, rip out the floors. They want to charge us 9 grand. I laugh to myself and wonder where the money is coming from since my husband and I both need cars as well. If you are reading this, maybe say a silent prayer for my family and I. Say a prayer for all the people who have suffered from the evil, treacherous Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, my book, Ignition: A Teacher's Journey, is on hold until things hopefully turn back to normal. To be continued..... Pictures from my block: The after math from the storm, my once upon a time elegnat rug now it is washed up sitting on driveway.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Has Shatterded My Inner Soul

Recently I was hit really hard from Hurricane Sandy. A year ago, we were told to evacuate during Hurricane Irene of 2011. We went to family and came back to peace and tranquility as that hurricane did not affect us at all. When we heard about Hurricane Sandy coming, we were not advised to evacuate and so we decided to stay. Little did we know that our lives would never be the same and we would all be in danger. Sunday, October 28th, we were informed that there would be no school on Monday for teachers and students. My husband and I were elated by the news. However, looking back we would much rather be in school than deal with such a treacherous storm. Monday, October 29th we were surprised during the day that nothing seemed to be happening besides gusts of wind and rain. We never expected what was to come. Around 5:00 in the evening, my husband noticed that a lake formed in my backyard. It looked placid, but unreal. We hoped that it would not go any further than that. Around 7:00, my husband noticed that the water in the backyard was moving towards our porch. Around 7:30, we saw the water coming slowly, seaping its way into the kitchen. We knew we had to evacuate. My dog, Lucky ran upstairs when she saw the water. She sat on my bed and watched my husband and I pack as fast as we could. We knew time was of the essence before our power would go. Our lights flickered as it teased us that any minute we would be left in the dark. Around 8:00, I was on the phone with my mother who lives down the block from me. Her side of the street does not usually flood. However, behind my house we have a creek. I told her we would be on our way and our conversation ended as the power shut off. My husband, Lucky and I were left in the dark. Lucky looked petrified. I held Lucky and went down the stairs where my ankles were greeted buy cold water that decided to conquer my home. We opened the front door and a river started to pour in, forcing its way through the front door. I screamed to my husband to shut the door and he had a difficult time closing it. My block was covered in water. Without thinking, we ran to the back door and more water entered my home like an endless waterfall. As fast as I could, we closed the door. It was a stuggle between the water forcing its way in and myself pushing it out. I told my husband that it would be too dangerous to leave and ran back upstairs. While we were upstairs, I started to envision the water climbing its way up the stairs and slowly drowning us. At this point, Lucky was crying and I wanted to join her in a good cry. However, I knew I had to be strong. I then told my husband that we had to try to escape. We dashed down the stairs and at this time the water had risen and was up to my knees. I treaded through the water in my own home towards the door. I opened the door. Again, the massive heavy water entered into our home with such force that it seemed like a river flowing beyond our control. When we opened the door, my mirrored podium and dog statue swam right by me and floated towards the living room. It was a scene from Titanic. I made my husband lock the door which was very difficult to do under the circumstances. We walked towards the middle of the street. I did not want to be on the sidewalk in case a tree was to fall down. The cold, water was up to my waist. Lucky held on tight in my arms while my husband carried a bag with some of our clothes in it. When I reached my mother's home, I landed in her arms hysterically crying. I thought I was going to vomit. My mother was also in tears. About twenty minutes later, we noticed that her first floor was starting to flood as well. It reached about a foot high. We ran up the stairs in the gloomy, dark. When we looked out the window, we noticed a strange blue light that seemed to light up the sky. We wondered if that light was a warning from the town to evacuate or was it an effect from the storm. I believe the light might have come from a force from the unknown, warning us that the storm was far from over. We stayed in my old bedroom. The bed was so small that my husband and I had difficulty sleeping. Lucky, however, was up most of the night. The howling winds frightened her. The next day, things had calmed down. We went to my house to check things out. Debris was all over the place. Vases lay flat on the floor. My wooden floor was picked up and was decaying from the water it was emersed in. When I looked at my home, it was unrecognizable to me. My couch was saturated with water. My area rug lifted up and was turned over, drenched. Smells of nasty fish and mildew filled my home. My home; this was the place where I would go to in order to feel safe. As I glanced at my deformed couch, I thought of the prior night to the storm, when my husband and I sat on that very sofa and watched television. People tell me that I should be thankful that my family and I are ok. I am thankful, however, part of my inner soul is crushed and lingering in a deep, dark depressed black hole that it cannot escape. I am now searching for a hotel; one that is pet friendly. Currently, I am staying with family. However, next week I really do need to find a place where we all can stay with Lucky. This entire situation is unreal. When one sees an unfortunate sight, it is easy to slip into a coma of unhappiness. To have your home taken from you in a split second is so unbearable and unbelievable that I want to yell at Mother Nature and ask her why this had to happen? For those that lost their homes as well during this hurrifcane or any other storm, I know how you feel. For those that lost a loved one during a storm or natural disaster, I am truly sorry for your loss. After the storm, I witnessed the sun shining bright the next day in the sky and realized that we are only visitors in the Eternal's universe. At times, life can be very scary. However, we need to stay strong in order to be part of this questionable world.
Lake forming in my backyard Debris in home(the day after the storm)