Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unfair Expectations for Teachers!

Have you heard the ridiculous latest news?  Governor Cuomo announced that teachers will continue to be graded on students' State test scores.  If students' test scores continue to decline for two years in a row, teachers may face termination.  This was discussed at a teachers meeting the other day.  This is unfair and unjust for all teachers.  Some students with special needs are required to take the test.   For a teacher to be judged by their academic success is criminal and ridiculous.  Not all students can meet the criteria.  Some students are poor test takers in general.  It is extremely unfair to judge teachers based on students' test scores.  Students could have had a bad day as well while taking the exam.  Why is there animosity showed toward educators of the world?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Kids Run The Asylum

This is a sad world that we live in.  I will tell you that teachers are not in charge of their own professional destiny.  Students, today are in charge.  Students have a tendency to run a muck and control the room.  In my time, growing up, we were afraid of teachers.  Today, students think teachers are a joke. If you teach upper middle class students, some may tell their mommy on you and try to get you into trouble with the intent to do so.  However, if you teach urban or inner city students where their parent may not seen or heard from, then they can control you differently. They may go up to  your face and call you every name under the sun.  Their goal is to make you upset because they can.  Their other goal is to run around the classroom as they must show ownership.  Lastly, they enjoy and get off on smacking their peers over the head and see how many riots they can start. If you let them in each scenario, they can take you down.  I don't want to say this happens everywhere because I am sure there are some schools that have success stories that can vouch for and say that students are not in charge.  However in my many years of experience, (over a decade) I have not seen a utopian society for teachers which leads me to think that in my time, things were not that bad.  Bless the 1980's!  Educators were very fortunate long ago and I would love to see future teachers be as fortunate.  Why are students feeling the need to control teachers?  Is it because they are neglected at home?  Is it because they are given too much power at home?  Is it because "the powers that be," allow students to have to much of a say?  Think about this and remember kids can create many fascinating stories that might not always be true, but yet their stories advocate for their own agenda.  However some students' stories may indeed be accurate, but teachers should not always be persecuted as if they are born criminals.  If you ask any teacher why they felt the need to go into this profession, I guarantee you that they did not do it for the salary, but yearned to help the future minds of tomorrow grow and mature academically, socially, and emotionally.  Bless the teachers of the world!