Monday, December 30, 2013

link to my e-book on kindle


I just wanted to update everyone that my book is available as of now on kindle.
You can follow the link attached in order to order a copy.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Book cover

Good news! I am attaching to this post the front cover of my book. I also read the prologue and chapter 1 on youtube which you can view at any time by typing Michelle Arrose youtube. Feel free to check it out. I do hope you enjoy it. Remember comments are always appreciated.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's A Wonderful Strife!

The other night, I watched my all time favorite Christmas movie, Its A Wonderful Life. As I watched George Bailey run down the street in Bedford Falls, I had tears roll down my face. When the towns people came together in an adjutorious manner, my heart was filled with beautified elated emotions. I thought how wonderful people can be. It is a great feeling to know you have neighbors or family members that would help in such a kind, generous manner. However, my husband brought up an unfortunate point to me. He said that this act of generosity would not happen in today's world. I then thought if I was in Mr. Bailey's predicament, I could honestly say that I don't think I would be as fortunate as George. I see that we do live in a self-centered world where we come first before our friends and even our own family. Our world is revolved around Facebook, Twitter, iPads and advancements for our own self indulgences. If our neighbor George was in trouble, would we come through to help him? I love that movie because it was a much simpler time period. I think some of us forget about that time and we need to revisit it more often. Do we really like how we have become as a society? I guess we should re-evaluate our own self and ask us: if our neighbor, friend, or family member was in trouble, would we help them if they desperately needed it, even if we had to take something away from our own self in order to assist them? Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Did you ever feel so indifferent to everyone around you? Your dreams and aspirations are so unlike your friends leaving you feeling like an outcast around familiar faces. It hurts when your dreams are not filled in a way that you desire and want. Did you ever sit around a table with people you know and care about, but feel that you are on another continent than everyone else. Have you ever taken a risk and round up making an ass out of yourself? It is difficult to keep trying and show the world a thick skin as your inner skin in reality, is really soft and brittle. Did you ever want to hold the white flag and succumb to your failures and accept reality for what it is? Or, do we stand tall and fight, continue to shoot for the stars? Do we stand tall at the table with our friends and secretly hope for a different path than where we are heading? I know where there is hope there is faith. Where there is faith, there is belief. Where there is belief, lies your innermost dreams. Is it possible for a dream to become a reality? However, it is most difficult to stand tall, live our dreams, and try our best to turn them into reality. It is easy to engage in self-pity and let pity suck up our inner being and spirit. I guess those that try hard at accomplishing their goals are the people whom are most courageous. I hope that I can be one of them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Your Opinion Matters!

Hi everyone, I posted the prologue and chapter 1 of my book titled, Ignition. I would very much like your opinion as to what you think. On the bottom of chapter 1, I attached a question as to whether you liked what you read. Please click on thumbs up if you like it or thumbs down if you don't care for it. Please be honest. I can take it:) Thank you
Below is an example of what you will see after reading the prologue and chapter.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Crazy Common Core

As an educator, I do believe that it is important to instill education in our students. However, to what extent do we go? It is hard enough for children to coexist in this world with all the expectations that are set for them; getting into a college. Today, children are expected to follow the guidelines of what is known as common core. Let us not forget that unfortunately, children are not created equally. Some students have special needs and the expectations set for them are unrealistic. Thus, children may act out in an attempt to cry for help. Teachers are also being held accountable which is not fair to them. For example if their student does poor on an exam, the teacher is held responsible for that. Again, children may come from a challenging environment where doing their school work is the last thing they are able to accomplish. Some children come from underdeveloped homes where their parents are on drugs/ alcohol. Do you think that these unrealistic academic expectations are fair to this type of child? I recently watched the news where I was saddened to see a boy cry because of the common core. He said that it was too difficult for him. This brought tears to my eyes. I know that the powers that be are implementing this. However, they should stop and think about a child that cannot handle it and try to develop a plan that is fair to everyone.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IGNITION: Prologue and Chapter 1


It was the happiest day of my life: graduation. I was thrilled to wear my cap and gown while my loved ones cheered me on when I received my master’s degree. Afterward, my husband, Billy, my parents, and I went out to celebrate at a nearby steakhouse. My family reserved the steakhouse only for special occasions. Silk, red linen tablecloths eloquently draped each table. On each table, a candle was dimly lit. Next to the candle was a rose in a small crystal vase, which smelled delightful. We toasted the night with glorious, sweet, and dry champagne. I felt so alive and filled with elated emotions that I wanted the night to last forever. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end, and that evening, eventually did, as all evenings do.
After graduation, I consumed myself with the repetitive, depressing, continual job search. I went from school to school to try to land a teaching job. One interview I had did not go too well. I could tell the principal was not impressed with me. He seemed quite posh, mainly because he was principal for one of the best schools in the district. At this point, I was panicking. School would start really soon, and I had no prospects. However, I did have one interview left. I hoped and prayed that I would be hired and start living my dreams, educating the young minds of today.

Chapter 1

A New Journey

August 24, was a magical day for me. Not magical in the sense of wizards

and sorcerers, but rather in the sense that I, Karen Woolsworth, landed my first teaching position. I was so excited. I could not wait to go home and tell Billy, my husband, that all that hard work paid off. Two long years of rigorous graduate school, finally over. Taking all those teaching exams and suffering for hours with a proctor staring at you, sizing you up while tapping her pencil, and distracting your every thought when you needed to be in control at that time. The day started out dreary. I woke up to rain. I spilled coffee on one of my suits and had to go to the interview in my navy blue suit and white blouse. It was not my favorite, but it had to do. I hoped that spilling coffee on my suit did not mean bad luck.

That morning, my curly dark hair stood as frizzy as can be. I felt like a cat that just had gone through a car wash. Imagine how he would look. Well, the spilled coffee delayed me a bit, but I raced for my interview as fast as a jaguar runs and I made it right on time. I was lucky that I did not get a speeding ticket. Billy would have been quite upset if I had. I also would have missed the job interview. Oh, what a shame that would have been!
When I arrived at West Street and Ninth Avenue, my nightmare began. There stood a lonely building called, The Charles Dickens School. This was a five-story building with fifteen-hundred students. The school consists of sixth through eighth graders. I was able to see that this was an old, musty building with no elevator. As I walked into the horrific huge school, I felt so small, but there was an aroma of endearing books, which made me feel quite elated. I was in awe. I grew up in the suburbs and had never been inside an urban school, so this was quite an adventure for me. I was so excited and nervous. As I walked up the three small steps, I was greeted by security, a man in a blue uniform. I gave him my driver’s license as proof of ID and signed in. He told me to turn right at the first door and on the left was the main office. I would then have to meet with the principal. I thanked him and went on my way. As I walked down the long narrow corridor, I remember my heart was beating very fast and my palms felt sweaty. It reminded me of a first date, but much worse.
The principal, Mr. Scott, a tall man with a mustache, asked me many questions. He started the interview in a friendly manner by shaking my hand and asking me if I found the school okay. At this point, I remember that his smile turned into more of a serious face, as if to say, “Let’s begin.”
He asked me, “What made you want to go into teaching?” I do not even remember what I answered him, but he must have been pleased with my response. During the interview, there was another person in the room as well. This person happened to be an assistant principal. She was on the large side with curly short blond hair. Her glasses hugged her ears tightly. She was the one who asked some tough questions. She had a poker face on the entire time and did not crack a smile once. Her name, I will never forget was Ms. Crowe. She reminded me of a spectacle-wearing shark staring at a guppy. I guess that you can guess who I was in that scenario: the guppy. I remember Ms. Crowe’s last question was one of the toughest.
“How would you prepare your students for the statewide exam?”
I must have looked at them dumbfounded. I could not believe this question. I had just graduated from my master’s program. I had never taught before. I did not know what to say.
At that moment, a magical thing happened. The principal’s secretary came in and interrupted us, saying that he had an urgent call from his wife. He told me I was hired, and then excused himself. If I had had time to answer the question, I believe that I would not have gotten the job. He informed me that I would have to teach a self-contained eighth-grade class which meant that I would have to teach the same children throughout the day. My only hope at this point was that my students would be great and not horrific.
I thanked him and walked out of his tight, stuffy office, leaving him and the shark behind. As I walked out the door, I felt relieved that it was over and my teaching career would begin. The following week I would start and I could not wait. I was overjoyed that I felt like skipping down the block. However, in case the principal should glance out the window, I knew I had to maintain self-control and save that giddy emotion for when I got home.
When I was a child, I would watch my mother who was also a teacher, come home from work and grade papers. At the dinner table, she would tell my father and me many stories about her students, making us all laugh with some of the stories that she shared. I was able to tell that she always had so much fun as a teacher. She enjoyed her job and profited from it. I wanted to feel the same sense of accomplishment that she did.
I had a few days off before my journey would begin. I knew I had a lot to do. I went to the teaching store so that I could buy some materials for my classroom. I felt like a child in a candy shop. There were so many items to choose. I bought some literacy and math books, as well as some borders for my classroom’s bulletin board. I chose some with positive words on them, such as outstanding, stupendous, fabulous, wonderful, etc., because I had learned in graduate school that setting up your classroom in a positive way reflects the learning atmosphere positively. (Yeah right!) From that day on, I went on the Internet and looked for ideas for setting up an eighth-grade classroom, as well as lessons that I could use for my first week. That week went by quickly, and it was soon time for orientation.
The time had come for me to meet my coworkers and set up my classroom. As I walked into the building, the aroma of schoolbooks, which made me feel so happy to be there, once again greeted me. The pale blue walls throughout the building were quite calming. Teachers were told that they must report to the cafeteria for a staff breakfast. When I arrived, most people seemed to know each other. I sat next to a few women and a skinny, balding man wearing glasses.
He introduced himself to me as Mr. King and asked, “What will you be teaching?”

“I was hired as an eighth grade teacher.”

He looked at me and said, “Good luck!”

When he said these two words, he had a serious look on his face. It then
hit me that in a few days I would meet my students.
Some questions started to form in my mind: “What should I say to my students on the first day? What will happen if they hate me? How do I—” My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a tall man with a mustache come in. It was Principal, Mr. Scott. He asked all the members of the faculty to introduce themselves.
My palms were very sweaty as I said, “My name is Karen Woolsworth and I am going to teach class 8E.”
Everyone gasped and looked at me somewhat funny, as if they knew what was in store for me. I had to stop for a second and try my best not to think bad thoughts. After Mr. Scott’s speech, we went to our classrooms.
I opened the door to a big, lonely room. There were boxes everywhere, which I assumed were from last year’s teacher. I decided to set up my bulletin board. There was so much to do, and I had never set one up before. It took me six hours to set up my room, and even then, it still was not complete. I did have to stop a few times because we had several meetings with the assistant principal, Ms. Crowe. She seemed nice but stern and reminded everyone to be strict. She also warned us not to crack a smile on the first day of school. I could not believe that we could not smile. I noticed Mr. King attended most of the meetings that I did and realized he must be an eighth-grade teacher as well. As I sat during each meeting, I could not wait for either the principal or the dean to shut up as I had so much more work to do in setting up my classroom.
I did not leave school until seven thirty that night. When I arrived home, I told Billy all about my first day.

“Billy, everyone gave me a weird look when I told them I was teaching 8E. It was almost as if they were warning me.”
“You are being way too dramatic. You didn’t even meet your students yet,” Billy replied.
“I’m so worried. My first teaching job. I don’t want to be bad at it.”
“Stop thinking negative thoughts and relax.”
With that said, he hugged me and I felt assured that I would be fine.
I had one more day of orientation. It went quite fast with one meeting after another. I hardly had any time to spend in my classroom and see what else had to be done. The weekend also sped by. Labor Day was sad and painful. I had jitters all day because I knew I would meet my students the next day and that it could be great or awful. I told myself to get all the negative thoughts out of my head and that I must enter the school with great expectations. Billy held me all night long. He was like my teddy bear, comforting me, as he knew I was nervous. The next thing I knew, the alarm rang. My adventure would soon begin.

>Please listen to the story that I am about to tell. With the
information you are given, you will determine my fate.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Eerie Tale

Since tonight is Halloween, I feel inspired to write a quick eerie short story. It was a dreary day. It looks as though it is going to rain, but the sky currently does not seam to have tears in her eyes. I hear a noise, but do not see anyone. I then turn around and see a beautiful little girl looking at me through the window. Her blond hair rests on her shoulders. She is wearing a pink dress with a white bow across her waist. She does not smile. I run to the door to see if she is ok. As I open the door, the girl is gone. Later that day, around the 5:00 hour, I hear a noise. I open my door to see if anyone is there. On my porch standing there is the little girl. She looks at me. I look at her, but feel an eerie hill go up my spine. Behind my house is the woods. The girl starts to run in the direction of the woods. I scream, "Wait a minute. Let me help you. Don't be afraid." She continues to run. As I get close to the trees that stand tall in the woods, I don't see the little girl anymore. I stand there pondering if I should enter these dark, cold woods in search of the little girl. I turn my question to you. Should I enter these woods or not? Would the path not taken be in my best interest?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Should all stories have a happy ending?

I was watching an episode the other day from the show Beverly Hills 90210 Season 3 Episode 16(It's A Totally Happening Life). This episode was about two guardian angels that foresee a truck colliding with the gang from 90210. The 90210 characters were on a school bus on their way to visit children in order to deliver them Christmas gifts. To sum it up, the truck collides with the bus and miraculously the bus had no scratch on it. Also, not one person was hurt. It was implied that they were saved by a higher power. Although this was a nice way to end the show, it was very unrealistic. In my opinion, the writing was awful in that episode. As a writer, I actually appreciate it when something ends accurately that depicts real life situations. Could a bus collide with another truck and realistically would everyone be alright? Other shows have been realistic. On the OC, the writers killed off a crucial, main character. They could have chosen the character, Marissa Cooper to leave the show differently, but they took a risk and were realistic about it. Look at the classic movie, Gone With The Wind. Did that movie have a happily ever after ending? No, not really. I had a conversation with a friend about this and she said that although it is nice to have a happy ending, it is sometimes unrealistic and can appear too perfect. I am definitely not saying that we can't have a story where everyone does live happily ever after. As the reader, we root for that and hope the main character is on top. However, it also does not hurt for the writer to take a chance and end something differently from what the reader expects. Don't be afraid to take risks as a writer. It only makes the story more compelling. As I am writing my blog, I am thinking about my own book that will be published soon titled, Ignition. I can only hope that my reader is surprised and affected by the ending in my story. "If you are willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary."(Jim Rohn) "I'm a writer, adventurer, and risk taker on a quest to join the top 1% of the world."(Tyler Tervooren)

Monday, October 28, 2013

What Is Halloween?

Since Halloween is around the corner, I questioned myself as to what this holiday is about? For those of you who are skeptics, you will probably answer that it is the holiday to help the the candy company business. For those of you who like to have a good time and party, Halloween is your excuse to do that. Dress up in a sexy costume, have a few drinks and laughs. For me, I always liked Halloween. Don't get me wrong, it definitely helps the candy company, and is a great excuse to get together with friends and party. However, Halloween means excitement. It's about dressing up and pretending to be someone else for the night. It's about children as well as adults using their imagination. This is the only night where a witch could fly across a full moon as she owns the sky. Ghosts roam freely in the night air. Vampires glide across a graveyard. Children get to trick or treat and gather up their candy at the end of the night. Pumpkins show off their smiles. This holiday is filled with magic and mystery. What do you think of Halloween?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dialogue helps

As you know, I am anxiously awaiting my book to be finalized and go to print. However, a friend of mine recently edited the manuscript and suggested that I add more dialogue within the book. She suggested that the reader will be able to identify with the characters even more and feel that they are part of the conversations taking place. I agree and feel that there is naturally always room to improve. Therefore, I will make those adjustments. Recently, I saw a movie which was an excellent flick. It was about immigrants coming to the United States illegally. In this movie, there was a couple. They were married, but the husband had relations with someone else as he mentioned that he was not excited in his relationship anymore. In the movie, there was only one scene between husband and wife. I thought about that and realized that I did not understand these two characters fully. I definitely would have liked to see them have more dialogue between them. One scene didn't do it for me. This lead me to think about my book and realized that my friend is right. I definitely need to add more dialogue between my characters. I don't want my readers to feel let down as I did after watching that movie. It's a shame because both actors were excellent, but the script screamed for more details.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

Have you ever wondered and thought about the saying, "the grass is greener on the other side." People desire what other people have on the outside but no one knows what they are feeling within the inside. Let's think of a made up scenario: A woman who is a successful attorney meets up with a childhood friend. We will name this woman, Leanne. Her friend, Katie also went to law school got married instead and has three children. Leanne never got married and dedicates her life to her profession. However, she secretly desires a life where she is married and happy with three kids of her own. Instead, she fills that void with three cats. Katie is catching up with her friend while Leanne gets interrupted from her job and has to take the call. During this time, Katie's stomach is filling up with a disgusting, green liquid that we know as envy. When Katie and Leanne finish their lunch, Katie's husband picks her up and all three kids are in the back seat. Leanne is left in the parking lot, waving goodbye to her friend. She sees her friend smile at her husband and kids as she gets into the car. Leanne is left standing there. Her vision is getting blurred by the tears that that are blocking her eyes. Everyone has a dream, a vision, a hope for happiness. What one person has, no one should desire it fully because you really don't know what that person thinks and feels about their life on the inside. It may be interesting to be that fly on the wall so we know how happy one is. However, we can't be flies and have to try our best to make our own happiness. One quote I find to be morbid, but very true, "Jealousy is a mental cancer." However, unfortunately, it has been around since the beginning of man and will probably be there to the end. People have the ability to be brave and face the green eyed monster. Then laugh at it, and sabotage the monster's malicious desires at destroying mankind.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Dark Abyss

Entering a dark abyss into no where. Not sure where you are going but you can't stop the ride. Don't know what is in store for you next. The ride of life twists and turns. Jolting your body as it violently shakes. Will the ride stop and lead you into placid waters? Scared and frightened and filled with anger. Entering a dark abyss into no where.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How one sound can affect someone.

How can one particular sound affect someone? As I listen to the world, I hear the sound of crackling fireworks. How does one perceive that sound? I, personally look forward and excited to it knowing the Fourth of July is here. My summer has just begun. It is the beginning of my favorite season. Hope and bliss is filling the land with peace and Mother Nature's harmony. However, the sounds of the fireworks can instill negative feelings in someone else. One can mistaken fireworks for gun shots which can be quite scary. One can associate the fireworks or the Fourth of July with a negative memory. My dog despises the sounds of fireworks. She hides under a chair and shakes as she is petrified. It is funny to me how one sound can affect people or even an animal differently. This is something I wanted to share with you all. Happy Fourth of July!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have you ever had to deal with so much at once that you feel that your head is going to explode? I guess you could say that I am going through that right now. In terms of my book, I have been promised that it would soon go to market. However, that promise has been pushed off to another day, week, or perhaps a month. I will be thrilled for the one day in the future that I could announce to you all that it is officially done. Until then, thanks for checking in.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Hate Being Sick!

Unfortunately, I have been quite ill this week. I had to take off from work the entire week. Every day, another ailment occurs. A few days ago, it was my nose where I was constantly sneezing while running temperature. The day after that I started to have a dry hacking cough. At night I have difficulty breathing. I literally live next to my humidifier. I don't know why I am writing or sharing this with you all. However, I just hope this virus leaves my system forever. Sometimes, I use my blog as a journal in hopes that positive, good people read it and will maybe send me positive energy my way. Energy, that is something I could use about now. Thanks for reading and being part of my venting session.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

When One Door Closes, Another one Opens

When one door closes, another one opens. I don't know how many of you witnessed that in your own lives. I have definitely seen the mysterious hands from above open my doors when all my doors were slammed shut. If you've been reading my blog, then you know that my husband and I were victims of Hurricane Sandy. We lost our first floor of our home and both cars were gone. However, something great came out of Sandy which I am not going to disclose at this time. At one point in my life, I was engaged. The man I was engaged to was verbally abusive. I stayed with him for ignorant reasons: security (the feeling that you are in a relationship and not alone). I also adored his home as silly as that sounds. He lived by the water and I love the water. However, tragedy set in and I was forced to leave him. I am thankful that I did. If I had not left him, I am not quite sure if I would be here writing today. It turned out that he was not quite well. It was hard for me to see that. Love can sometimes lead you into a warped reality where you are blinded by your desires, needs, and wants. I thought that was it and I would never be with anyone. My friends were very good to me at the time. However, I had to be strong on my own. I met my husband six months later. When a door closes, life may seem unbearable, upsetting, and repulsive. However, we don't realize that when these doors close, it may be in our best interest. When your door shuts tight, try to release it by living your dreams. Live your life! Then when you least expect it, be prepared and your door may open. When you walk through this mystical door, you may find yourself in a glorious garden or by a beautiful placid lake. I don't know where you'll be because it is your life and your dream.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hi just wanted to update everyone. We hired a contractor and they put the walls up and will work on painting next. Then, I have to do a new kitchen considering, I have no oven, refrigerator, and my tiles are cracked. Also, all my countertops were removed along with my cabinets. I have one awful naked kitchen. I also need a floor. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am hoping my book, "IGNITION, A TEACHER'S JOURNEY"will be ready in a month. However, I am not sure, but hope for the best. Thanks for reading this update :0). One thing I can say through this awful experience is to stay strong and hang tough because if you don't, no one else will do it for you.