Sunday, August 12, 2012

To Self-Publish, or Not To Self-Publish: That Is The Question: I know in my first blog, I was adamant about not going through the expensive self publishing process. However, I may have to reconsider as I truly believe in my novella and think that anyone who reads it would open their eyes and view educators differently. I have been talking with a few self publishers and my dilemma is that I am only entitled to one copy of my book. If I wanted more copies, then I would have to buy more. Imagine that; purchase my own book. However, I am not the best with the aspect of marketing. Supposedly self publishers would assist me in terms of marketing. I definitely decided to have a professional editor assess it. However, this project can be costly. Besides teaching, I may need to get a second job:). If I let the project go, then what did I accomplish? Nothing. I couldn't live with myself if I did not try. I tend to be very hard and critical of myself. My inner demon is shy. It would rather run away from this project as it is afraid of rejection. However, my "id" has grown to be stronger and tries to combat my inhibited demon. In fact, it is because of my "id" that I am writing this blog in the first place. I wonder, did you ever take a risk and try to do something; not knowing the consequence? Personally, I despise not knowing what is going to happen next. The element of surprise is frightening in my eyes. My husband threw me a surprise birthday party once and I knew he was going to. It is very difficult and next to impossible to surprise me. He never told me, but I knew. Of course, it did not help that my friend texted me that she could not be able to attend. It also did not help that when I pulled into my driveway on that Sunday afternoon, I saw a Lexus parked. Sure enough, I came into my house and was greeted by the word, "Surprise!". However, this journey I am taking is very different from an average surprise party. It is rather a pilgrimage for myself heading towards the unknown. That could be very scary. So, today I am asking you if you think I should take the plunge and self-publish my novella? Do I wait and see if a publisher will take on my book? Feel free to leave a comment. Need assistance regarding this matter. In the mean time, I thank you for reading this.
Drew Barrymore: “If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul.”

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