Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How One Hurricane Can Turn Your Life Upside Down!

Hurricane Sandy has taken over my life, dehumanized me, and left me too much stress. When I say dehumanize, I am referring to my husband and I living out of a bag in my aunt and uncle's living room. We are staying on a pull out couch. I am not complaining exactly because at least a roof is over our heads. However, I used to have more independence where I was immersed in freedom's glory. I could take my Toyota Corolla and drive to where ever I wanted. Since my car is gone, I cannot do that anymore. The worst is that I went home a week ago to continue to assess damages. I saw that my floor was picked up from the water and it turned into peaks and mini mountains. You have to be very careful where you step in order to not fall. Also, I was told to discard all of my belongings on the first floor. When I bought the house, a mini bar came with it. It was beautiful and full of mirrors and lights that lit up so bright. On the bottom, there was space where I could place paperwork and fancy dishes as well as wine bottles. On top of the bar held glasses. I loved it. The previous owner left me a piece of fine Italian furniture where I could store my dishes and it was sturdy and beautiful. However, since the water barged into my house, greedily without a thought, and was up to four feet high, I have to throw everything away. The water in my home was not sea water, but rather water from the sewers that is quite unsanitary to hold onto and could lead to future health problems if it is not thrown away. This means that I have to purchase everything new. I already threw away my sofa which was drenched in water. I feel like part of the storm has taken a piece of me away; a piece of my life. For example, my husband and I went to Disneyworld. My pictures are all destroyed and do not have any reminders of that trip as it was on an old digital camera and pictures have been erased since then. Pictures from my bridal shower were destoyed. Recently over the summer, I threw my husband a 40th birthday party. All those pictures are gone as well. It is not as valuable as my dining room set and kitchen set that has to be thrown away. However,I love pictures and am a sucker for sentimental things. A friend at work said that I should take time out and say goodbye to the items that must go (which is about everything). We have to hire people that have to gut and clean up the home, rip out the floors. They want to charge us 9 grand. I laugh to myself and wonder where the money is coming from since my husband and I both need cars as well. If you are reading this, maybe say a silent prayer for my family and I. Say a prayer for all the people who have suffered from the evil, treacherous Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, my book, Ignition: A Teacher's Journey, is on hold until things hopefully turn back to normal. To be continued..... Pictures from my block: The after math from the storm, my once upon a time elegnat rug now it is washed up sitting on driveway.

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