Friday, May 16, 2014

A New Perspective

For those of you who read my blog the previous day, my apologies. The politics behind education affected me in a bad way. The new evaluation system reminds me of a Nazi regime. I dealt with a lot this week and felt quite stressed. I think the expectations for teachers and students are unrealistic. Everyone is not created equal. There are some students who struggle and should not be held to the same expectations as everyone else. Teachers that work with special needs should also be evaluated on a different scale. The world of education is becoming a business more than an institution for learning which utterly disgusts me. In my time, we learned and had fun learning without these enormous expectations. I can honestly say that I am thankful that I am not a child attending school. I also cannot remember any of my teachers ever being observed. When administrators walk into a room, the room turns into freezing cold temperatures as the tension builds up leaving a feeling of uncomfortability in the air. Teachers teach differently, paraprofessionals are on edge, and students are nervous. If the "powers that be" are doing all of this to help the students as well as assist teachers to teach efficiently, in reality it is actually hurting us instead. I don't know what this world is coming to, but I will say that students today seem to run the asylum. I guess all this academic rigor is too much for them causing them to act up. When I was a student, I don't remember fights ever breaking out. Kids were not as angry, and most important, kids were kids. Teachers were teachers and had the power to educate their students the way they wanted. They did not have "vultures" looking over their shoulder every second. However, I will say not all administrators are vultures, but when they do come into a room the clarity of their visit fills the air with horrific trepidation that one cannot escape. Shame, shame, shame on the "powers that be!"

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