Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Chance!

Many people have voiced their concerns to me that ever since President-elect Trump came into office, discrimination has risen.  Some close friends of mine have been experiencing it firsthand.  I, personally do not blame President-elect Trump for this.  I am a very objective person and in observing everything I do believe that people can be very cruel.  People have made him a scapegoat and blame him for society's troubles.  It is easier to place the blame on someone; especially if you did not want him to be your president and represent your country.  Unfortunately, people who are racist have the chance to seize this opportunity and spread their hate.  This gives them a chance to also blame a scapegoat and spread their evil.  Unfortunately, Trump is caught in the middle.  I am not saying he is a victim, but I do see how the world around him is using him in different directions.  I also notice that many people who are upset because he was elected president have been behaving like a sore loser.  I have seen celebrities tweeting that he is a rapist.  This to me is shocking because he never raped anyone.  Rape is a horrible, strong word and when it is used it must be used truthfully.  He may have talked some locker room talk which men and even women have done before.  He may have said some tasteless things, which I do not condone, but that is part of him being part of the human race.  One of my favorite shows, Sex  and the City stars a character named Samantha Jones.  She is known for her wit and promiscuity.  On many episodes she has made some real sexual comments toward men.  Examples: "I masturbated to my priest...Friar F*ck.."  "Look at his robe. So "Robin and his Merry Men."  Besides one thing my grandmother used to say to me is, "talk is cheap."  She was right.  People have the right to say things.  They should try to refrain and hold back, but men and women have had locker room talk since the beginning of time.  I am definitely not saying that  he is a perfect man.  I am saying that he deserves a chance.  Many of our past presidents made errors in their own personal life, and yet they were given an opportunity to show us what they can do for our country.  As fellow Americans, we owe it to ourselves to see how he can make America great.  Everyone deserves a chance, no matter who they are!  Let's not become immersed with hate or we are equal to the haters and bigots of the world.

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