Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dialogue helps

As you know, I am anxiously awaiting my book to be finalized and go to print. However, a friend of mine recently edited the manuscript and suggested that I add more dialogue within the book. She suggested that the reader will be able to identify with the characters even more and feel that they are part of the conversations taking place. I agree and feel that there is naturally always room to improve. Therefore, I will make those adjustments. Recently, I saw a movie which was an excellent flick. It was about immigrants coming to the United States illegally. In this movie, there was a couple. They were married, but the husband had relations with someone else as he mentioned that he was not excited in his relationship anymore. In the movie, there was only one scene between husband and wife. I thought about that and realized that I did not understand these two characters fully. I definitely would have liked to see them have more dialogue between them. One scene didn't do it for me. This lead me to think about my book and realized that my friend is right. I definitely need to add more dialogue between my characters. I don't want my readers to feel let down as I did after watching that movie. It's a shame because both actors were excellent, but the script screamed for more details.

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