Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Eerie Tale

Since tonight is Halloween, I feel inspired to write a quick eerie short story. It was a dreary day. It looks as though it is going to rain, but the sky currently does not seam to have tears in her eyes. I hear a noise, but do not see anyone. I then turn around and see a beautiful little girl looking at me through the window. Her blond hair rests on her shoulders. She is wearing a pink dress with a white bow across her waist. She does not smile. I run to the door to see if she is ok. As I open the door, the girl is gone. Later that day, around the 5:00 hour, I hear a noise. I open my door to see if anyone is there. On my porch standing there is the little girl. She looks at me. I look at her, but feel an eerie hill go up my spine. Behind my house is the woods. The girl starts to run in the direction of the woods. I scream, "Wait a minute. Let me help you. Don't be afraid." She continues to run. As I get close to the trees that stand tall in the woods, I don't see the little girl anymore. I stand there pondering if I should enter these dark, cold woods in search of the little girl. I turn my question to you. Should I enter these woods or not? Would the path not taken be in my best interest?

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