Monday, November 18, 2013

Crazy Common Core

As an educator, I do believe that it is important to instill education in our students. However, to what extent do we go? It is hard enough for children to coexist in this world with all the expectations that are set for them; getting into a college. Today, children are expected to follow the guidelines of what is known as common core. Let us not forget that unfortunately, children are not created equally. Some students have special needs and the expectations set for them are unrealistic. Thus, children may act out in an attempt to cry for help. Teachers are also being held accountable which is not fair to them. For example if their student does poor on an exam, the teacher is held responsible for that. Again, children may come from a challenging environment where doing their school work is the last thing they are able to accomplish. Some children come from underdeveloped homes where their parents are on drugs/ alcohol. Do you think that these unrealistic academic expectations are fair to this type of child? I recently watched the news where I was saddened to see a boy cry because of the common core. He said that it was too difficult for him. This brought tears to my eyes. I know that the powers that be are implementing this. However, they should stop and think about a child that cannot handle it and try to develop a plan that is fair to everyone.

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