Sunday, November 24, 2013

Did you ever feel so indifferent to everyone around you? Your dreams and aspirations are so unlike your friends leaving you feeling like an outcast around familiar faces. It hurts when your dreams are not filled in a way that you desire and want. Did you ever sit around a table with people you know and care about, but feel that you are on another continent than everyone else. Have you ever taken a risk and round up making an ass out of yourself? It is difficult to keep trying and show the world a thick skin as your inner skin in reality, is really soft and brittle. Did you ever want to hold the white flag and succumb to your failures and accept reality for what it is? Or, do we stand tall and fight, continue to shoot for the stars? Do we stand tall at the table with our friends and secretly hope for a different path than where we are heading? I know where there is hope there is faith. Where there is faith, there is belief. Where there is belief, lies your innermost dreams. Is it possible for a dream to become a reality? However, it is most difficult to stand tall, live our dreams, and try our best to turn them into reality. It is easy to engage in self-pity and let pity suck up our inner being and spirit. I guess those that try hard at accomplishing their goals are the people whom are most courageous. I hope that I can be one of them.

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