Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Anger is an enthralling emotion.  People express their anger in various ways.  Some people tend to be silent while others isolate themselves from the rest of the world.  Some people express their anger by venting with family members or friends about the situation.  There are some people that show anger by screaming while slamming their fist through a wall.

Anger is an emotion that everyone exhibits.  If you take a step back and observe someone, you may get to learn much about their personality.  I remember my mom's friend once became very upset once.  He wasn't feeling well and became really agitated that he took his umbrella and threw it.  Some people resort to acts of violence when their inner soul encompasses angry thoughts.  Others do not know how to release their anger and may slip into a deep dark depression that they cannot escape.. Unfortunately, some people turn to alcohol or drugs in order to bypass their angry thoughts.

Anger is a unique emotion that all people display. Do you seclude yourself from the rest of the world?  Are you the type of person to call who ever you know in order to express what is bothering you?  Lastly, do you have rage black-outs as your temper escalates toward a point of no return?  The next time you're angry, stop and analyze yourself.  Observe your very own manifestation of this particular emotion.

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