Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Fun

I can see it now; lying on a beach while basking in the warm, endless sun.  Summer time is on her way and I can't wait.  Summer is a time for friends getting together.  During the winter, many people hibernate, but in the summer you see your neighbors again.  You have barbecues, parks, pools, fireworks to occupy your time.  During the year, I teach.  However, I look forward to the summer so that I can catch up on my writing as well as relax.  I can rejuvenate and replenish my stressed soul from the year.   I hope to catch up with many people that I don't really have a chance to see during the school year.  Summer stands for peace, projects, and relaxation.  I always look forward to the summer and plan on embracing her with a warm welcome. Unfortunately, she comes and goes really briskly. I never feel that there is enough time to really take a moment out and enjoy her presence for the time that she is here.  As soon as I become accustomed to her, she disappears while vanishing and leaving the Earth to be dull and tragic.  I wouldn't mind grabbing hold of her rays while coaxing her to stay among us longer.  I do believe she brings people together.  There is definitely a placid, free feeling in the air where I admit to feeling calm and safe.   We can dress lighter and comfortably.  We need not worry about jackets and hats that mess up our hair.  We do not need to worry about blizzards, ice storms, or frigid temperatures.  We can all take a deep breath as we breathe that summer, sweet air.  What does summer mean to you?  How do you plan on spending your summer?

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