Monday, July 20, 2015

Revenge to the End!

Recently, I had time to catch up on my television shows that unfortunately I don't always have time to watch during the school year.  I finally got to see the series finale of Revenge.  I wondered how they would end this four year journey. I actually found myself procrastinating to watch the finale as I knew it would be the last one.  I fell in love with most of the characters.  I especially found myself rooting for the protagonist, Amanda Clark played by Emily VanCamp and her side kick, Nolan Ross, played by Gabriel Mann.  Together these two characters were the dynamic duo.  I couldn't wait to see what in-genius  plot they cooked up next.  The beauty behind the writing for this show is that it takes you behind the story and into a concept that people often wonder about: Revenge.  Is the act of revenge worth it or not?  Could revenge backfire upon one's soul?  Protagonist, Amanda discovers the true meaning of revenge and as viewers, we do too.  Some finales are awfully ridiculous and don't really leave the viewer with closure.  I can think back to another show that I used to love because the writing was phenomenal.  Some characters within that show would intertwine with other characters as one of the characters would narrate.  From a show with impeccable writing, I would expect an amazing finale.  However, to my devastation and astonishment, I was not given an ending that made sense.  This show was called One Tree Hill.  On the contrary, Revenge ended wonderfully and I feel they did the story just, which to me shows excellent writing.  Kudos to ABC's Revenge.  I will miss you.

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