Thursday, October 11, 2012

Voting & Politics

Election Day is coming up. Have you decided who you are voting for? I know who I am voting for. Unfortunately, there is only one candidate who is good for teachers. Naturally, he has my vote. I don't really follow politics too often. I am not one to voice my opinion on politics, the deficit, and other challenges that our country faces. When it comes to politics, I definitely have my opinions. However, they are for me to know and I prefer it that way. I do find it amusing to observe others and how they handle and voice their opinion based on the candidate that they are in favor of. I have also observed people taking this election very seriously to the point where they are having arguments on Facebook or Twitter. I find that ridiculous as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We, the people need to respect the opinion of others and try not to contradict it, even if it does not coincide with your own. My one advice for you is to vote. My other advice to you is to vote wisely. Look at your profession and see what each candidate stands for. Decide which candidate complements your profession. We should all take a step back and realize that we all want the same thing. We want a president who will lead our country with all of its current deficits and high unemployment rate into a better country where all of our needs are met. We want our country to be at peace. In reality, we want the United States to be the land where freedom reigns.

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