Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Supernatural World

Do you believe in spooks, ghosts, the after life? Did you ever ponder what happens to a person's soul after we believe they have left this world. I do all the time. I often ask myself if they linger and watch us closely when we do not know it? My husband had a recent experience with what he believed to be a ghost. He did not know it at the time, but now believes that it might have been. My husband is not a believer and it is ironic for him to have a brief experience with one. My husband left the house early Sunday morning to pick up a cake for my mother's birthday. As he was backing out of the driveway, he saw a woman standing in front of his car, looking at him. Her arms stood out to the side and she was leaning to the left side. He stopped the car and looked again and then she vanished. My husband believed that he was losing his mind. He went to pick up the cake. On his way back to the car, he noticed the bakery did not seal the box correctly. Everything fell to the left side and part of the cake got on my husband's hands. He went back to the store to get another cake and licked off the icing as it was all over him. He said that the cake tasted funny. It tasted like a chemical was added to the icing. When he came home, he told me the story and mentioned to me about the lady whom he saw. When he mentioned the cake fell to the left, it struck me that the lady he mentioned was also leaning to the left. Was she warning us about the cake that could have been lethal to eat? I asked my husband who she looked like. He told me that she resembled Ingrid Bergman. To be honest, I was not too familar with her so I googled her. To my surprise, she looked like my Grandma Rose. I doubt Ms. Bergman was visiting my husband, but you never know? Ingrid Bergman's picture see below:
I am a true believer only because of what I experienced which I will share with you. When my grandfather died, I cried myself to sleep that night. I felt a soft hand touch mine at the time. I knew in my mind he was with me. Many years passed and my Grandma Dottie was taken from me. I was teaching children with Autism at the time. I knew she was battling cancer and was not doing too well. My students and I were in the lunchroom at the time. Suddenly I felt something touch my back. It was around 11:35 AM. I quickly turned around to see if one of my students' touched me and no one was there. I asked some of my colleagues if they saw someone behind me. They said that they did not and I did not tell them what I felt. I did not want them to think of me as a loon. I forced myself to not think anything of it. I went home that day to find out that my grandmother died. I asked what time she died and was informed that it was around 11:35 AM. I then felt the chills and told myself that I should try and forget about this. My Grandma Rose lived with us. After Dottie's death, about a year later, my Grandma Rose was rushed to the hospital for a heart condition. Unfortunately, she caught a very bad infection while staying in the hospital. I remember to this day that my uncle, mother, and I were sitting at the table. They were discussing how poorly my grandmother was doing. They had just come home from visiting her. It happened again. I dreaded that it would. I felt a hand touch my hair. It startled me so and screamed that they needed to call the hospital. They did as I told them and found out that a cold blue was taking place. They questioned the nurse if it was my grandmother and they had denied that it was her. Five minutes later, we received a phone call from the doctor that she had passed. At that point, I lost my mind. I marched into her room and screamed that I don't ever want to be touched again by anyone deceased. I yelled and cried and felt so powerless. Since then, I have not been visited by anyone from beyond our world or our comprehension. I regret at times saying that I did not want any more visits from the unknown. However, at the same time, I am not sure if I could handle it. I just hope and pray that these souls continue to spread their love and watch over us as they linger within our memory and our mind.


  1. I found this blog very personal and funny. I enjoyed it alot.

  2. Interesting story! But what happened with the cake? Did you follow her warning and get rid of it?

    1. They gave us a new cake and all was well. Thank you for asking.