Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teaching is Demeaning!

If you were to think of a profession that can be insulting, what would it be? Thanks to the new rating system, teachers definitely fit into this category. Teachers used to be rated by getting an E for excellence, S for satisfactory, or a u for unsatisfactory. It was not the best way to rate teachers. However, it was much better than it is now. The powers that be (I call them Lucifer) decided on a new plan. If you are a teacher or have a child that attends school, you know that your child gets his/her score based on a rubric generally scored from a level 1 (being low) to a 4 (high score). Today, they decided to rate teachers on the same scale of 1-4. Teachers are being equated as to how children are scored which is very demeaning. They are also being evaluated by surprise visits from assistant principals/principals. If you have a lesson prepared that you must do because it is part of the curriculum, but you don't feel strong or comfortable teaching it, then hold your breath. Prepare to score a 1. Teachers tend to get bad names from silly movies such as, "Bad Teacher." Unfortunately, they now made this into a TV show which I am sure is disgraceful. The new system puts pressure on teachers causing them to have an overabundance of stress which leads some to illness. Instead of nitpicking and analyzing teachers constantly, think of ways as a whole in order to appreciate teachers and take away some of the rigor and expectations from children. Remember, they are children and deserve to be until they reach adulthood. When teachers and staff feel appreciated, it motivates them to perform effectively. Don't treat teachers like children, but rather educators that were hired to help our future generations.

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