Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

The news shocked me last night as it did to many. Robin Williams dead by suicide. I could not believe it. He happened to be one of my favorite comedians. He had the look of a sincere, sweet man. I can't imagine what was going on in his head before he decided to take his life. I have a friend whom I admire in the sense that she keeps going on and on with her life. Every year, something horrific happens to her. It is like she has a black cloud on her or even a hex. I can only hope that hex dissipates and this person finally has good luck that she deserves. However, I admire their strength that they do not give up. Many times I have felt the need to give up, but would not take my life. Maybe travel to a deserted island away from it all or a tropical garden filled with its natural bliss. However, I cannot understand why Mr. Williams would do that to himself and quite frankly, it bothers me a bit. I would have loved to trade places and be the talented actor and he could be the teacher/author. I feel sorry that he did not have the will or need to hang in there and be as strong as my friend. I find humanity to be strange, upsetting, and yet beautiful at the same time. When something upsets me I need to blog about it, and this tragedy is one I needed to blog about. RIP Mr. Williams.

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