Thursday, May 7, 2015


The idea of exploration can mean many things.  Sometimes we attempt to explore something new.  I tend to think of famous explorers such as Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus.  They were interested in exploring new lands and learning new things, while educating themselves.  When we travel, we explore as well.  Have you ever come across a cave or a dark basement that you're scared to go into, but yet feel compelled to explore it further?  We all have that inner curiosity that makes us yearn to explore and discover something new.

Besides exploring land, we can further explore ourselves.  In order to achieve and attempt to accomplish goals,we need to explore our inner soul.  When we know what our strengths and weaknesses are, we can then accomplish what we need to do in order to follow the correct path to our future dreams.  "Discovery is the road to exploration and exploration is the road to discovery." When we journey on a road on our own quest to explore, we never know what we will discover.  Ask yourself, is the unknown a worthy cause for our own discovery and exploration of life?

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