Monday, May 11, 2015


I used to be a fan of American Idol years ago when Simon Cowell was a judge on American Idol.  During the first season, Kelly Clarkson captured America's attention with her dominant voice and charismatic personality.  Ms. Clarkson set the tone for future contestants which was a tough act to follow.  Since then, in my opinion American Idol has lost part of its zing until now...  I recently started watching this season's American Idol (season 14).  Ms. Jax has captured my attention with her exhilarating rock performance.  She takes me back to a time period where rock 'n' roll music changed the face of the 80's. She reminds me of the infamous, Joan Jett known for her song, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."  Jax appears to be amiable and vivacious who is able to command the stage. When Jax performs, she transforms into a "rock icon" right before our very own eyes.  This season has been the most competitive yet.  However, Jax takes away the show into a mellifluous musical land.  Vote for Jax! I know I will. 

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