Saturday, May 16, 2015

What Is Beauty?

Do you ever question yourself as to what the word, "beauty" means?  Sometimes, we may walk along the beach, and become mesmerized  by the beautiful ocean.  We may look in our very own backyard and catch ourselves glaring at an exotic bird while admiring her beauty.  There are many things that can be seen as beautiful.  A person may be beautiful and nice to look at.  However, there are some people who may be superficial and want to only hang out with someone of beautiful appearance.  How do we decide who is beautiful?  What if a person is breathtakingly beautiful on the outside, but ghastly on the inside.  They may be filled with malicious intent.  As they say, "beauty is skin deep."  If someone appears unsightly on the outside, but filled with pure pulchritude on the inside, isn't that person considered to be beautiful?  One of my students was born deformed.  His face is disfigured and appears grotesque on the outside.  However, he would do anything for anyone.  His heart is gracious and is always amiable to anyone he comes into contact with.  However, unfortunately students tend to tease and belittle him.  They cause him to feel much trepidation that he is constantly reluctant to attend school.  The kids that try every day to demolish his inner soul, tend to be beautiful on the outside, but are truly unprepossessing on the inside.  So then I ask  you, "What does it mean to be beautiful?" "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!"

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