Sunday, October 18, 2015

Don't Let Social Media Control You!!!

Humans are truly insecure.  For example, why do we all choose to have so many friends on Facebook. Are we truly friends with the person we just clicked, "like" after reading their post?  Do we click like to satisfy our own insecurities?  We know many people clicked like and so, we want to fit in and click like as well.   Why do we feel the need to post our latest photo.  Does it really matter if Shelia, Ted, Bob, Bethany like our photo?  I saw a wonderful, but tragic advertisement for AT&T regarding texting while driving.  A woman put her baby girl in the back seat.  As she was driving her phone went off.  She looked down and made a comment to her daughter.  "Everyone likes the picture I posted of you."  At that moment, she collide with another car.  Her car spun out of control, lifted up in the air, and that was probably the end of them.  It is sad that we live in a world where social media controls us.  The next time you look at Facebook; ask yourself: How many people are my actual friends?  Why did I just tweet the world what I was up to?  Why did I post a photo on Instagram for the entire universe to see?

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