Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life On This Universe

Today, unfortunately, I am home sick so I had time to ponder about the irony of life. Life can be very funny. While one person is getting ready for an event, another person in the universe may be not be feeling well, watching the same event on television. The other night, I snuggled under the warm covers while the temperature around me was brisk, cool. I thought to myself that at that same time/moment someone may not be as comfortable as I was. Another person at that same moment may be sleeping on a bench surrounded by cool temperatures and nothing to keep them warm. In Europe at that moment, some people may begin the start of their day. Other people in California have not even gone to bed yet. In reality, as human beings,we tend to be egocentric and focus on our own lives. Let's face it, we tweet, use Facebook among other sources to inform others about our life. Do we stop and think about others or do we just consume ourselves with our own daily rituals of our own precious life? While eating your breakfast, do you ever think and wonder what is someone doing in Texas right now? What is someone doing in Russia or Germany right now? In a way, I think it is hard for us to think this way. It is not because we don't want to, but rather we become so consumed and overwhelmed with the chaos life might offer us at times. One family may be celebrating a joyous event such as a wedding, Communion, Confirmation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or even a Quinceanera. They may be dressed in their glorious, beautiful etiquette gowns while their hair is complementing their face and dress. A man in his tux looking quite dapper. The bowtie complementing his suit from head to toe. Smiles on their faces while bright colors surround them, filled with flowers and beautiful decorum. However, on the other side of town might be another family who may not be feeling as celebratory as the previous family mentioned. They may be dressed wearing dark colors, blacks and greys and ready to say goodbye to their loved one who has been chosen to leave the universe. At any moment, a person may leave this world while one is born into it. Did you ever wonder if they pass each other by and glance at each other on their mystical journey? So many people have a story to tell. What is yours?

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