Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A 9/11 Tribute

Many people ask where were you when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated? They also ask where were you on 9/11, 2001? As for JFK, I was not born yet. However, 9/11/01, I was teaching students with Autism in downtown Brooklyn. I remember that unfortunately as if it was yesterday. I went to work like any other day. When the first plane hit, I was told by my assistant teacher that it was probably a terrorist attack. I did not believe it and thought it was rather a careless pilot. Then when the second plane hit, I knew I was wrong and realized that America was in trouble. We were able to see the towers from our school building as we were located right across the bridge. When the ashes fell, our students said out loud that it was snowing. Joy and smiles appeared on their faces while sadness and fear appeared on all adult faces. In honor of this unforgettable, devastating day, I wrote a poem which I would like to share with you: It happened so fast that terrible day, Unfortunate lives were quickly taken away. Firemen, Policemen and many more were brave, Their bravery lead them to a lonely grave. Lost souls were dispersed throughout New York City, This day was certainly a pity. Please take time from your busy life to remember, I, myself won't forget that awful time in September. Take a moment of silence to commemorate those that perished, Their memory will always be cherished.

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