Thursday, September 6, 2012

An Amazing Story

While I was in Maryland last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a brave woman who overcame many horrid obstacles in her life. My husband and I met her at a Megabus stop where we had to wait 45 minutes for our bus to arrive. We were offered the opportunity to pay extra and take an earlier bus. However, the woman we met advised us to wait as the extra time would not make a difference in the end. I am happy that I waited as I was given the chance to listen to her interesting story. She was born in Maryland. Her father was taken ill and at the time he had a new wife. Basically while he was sick, her "so called" family left her. She was only fourteen at the time. She was all by herself in this lonely, dark world. She was able to stay with friends. However living with friends versus living with family is completely different, especially for a fourteen year old girl. To not be able to hug and cry to a mother/father is a Solitariness lifestyle that can be quite upsetting. Later in life she went to school with a scholarship because she was an athlete. She played field hockey. Unfortunately, she was hurt and could not continue to play. She did however finish her degree which I believe to be admirable considering all of the challenges she faced. She met a man who was unfortunately abusive to her. She became pregnant and ran away from her boyfriend as she wanted to protect her child from him. On the bus going home, I told her that I find her to be an extremely courageous woman. She did not give up hope despite all the obstacles she faced. Many people that I know would not have been able to handle it the same way she did. I asked her permission to blog about it and she agreed. The only thing I would like to say is that I hope I was able to give her story justice.

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