Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Signing with T.D. Does Not end with a Touchdown.

Tonight I was lucky to meet the infamous Tony Danza. He was doing a book signing in Huntington, N.Y. Since I wrote about him in my blog, as to how I felt he would be most beneficial promoting my book since he was a teacher on his reality T.V. Show, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to meet him and give him a copy of the first three chapters of my manuscript. When we arrived in Huntington, we heard that he was running late. We were informed that we should purchase his book and then we would receive a letter. They were calling people up based on letters. Someone informed me that there would be about sixty people for each letter. I began talking to a woman on line and told her about my manuscript. She seemed very nice about it and told me that it only takes one person to like it. She advised me to definitely pitch my manuscript to Mr. Danza. I was letter "I" which took us about two and a half hours. A young man collecting the letters asked me as to what I was holding. He asked me if it was a script. I informed him that it was my manuscript and responded that he thought that was cool. We finally got up to the first in line. The person in front of us gave Mr. Danza their cell phone so that he could say, "hello" to them. He did speak to them graciously. The previous people that were a bunch of women were screaming out "Tony" while shouting their "oohs" and "aahs." Then finally my turn came. I explained to him that I am a teacher. At first, he was signing the book and did not look up at me. When I mentioned that I wanted him to view my manuscript, he informed me that he could not and was not allowed to. Boldly, I asked as to why. He explained that in case he wanted to use my ideas and therefore could not view it. At first, this did not make sense to me. I assured him that it was copyrighted. I wondered to myself why he refused. I could not believe myself. Was this really, shy me questioning Mr. Danza? I am not like this at all, but some inner being forces me to be strong and stand up for what I believe in. This inner being is part of my soul and it is most uncontrollable. Immediately, I called two of my friends afterwards whom happen to be attorneys, just to check this out to see if this was accurate information. Just my luck that they did not pick up the phone. My husband and I went out to dinner. I picked at my food while telling him that my book will never get anywhere. He said that I have to keep trying because you never know. When I came home I googled information regarding what Mr. Danza indicated. Sure enough, I found out that an author cannot accept a manuscript of an unpublished author as it can have detrimental effects on them monetarily and legally. I feel bad that I doubted Mr. Danza. I did mention my blog to him and he said that he could get the address for that. I gave the address to one of his people. I never would have offered him a copy of my manuscript if I knew the facts behind it. I feel bad that I put him in an awkward situation. My apologies, Mr. Danza. I do hope that he will check out my blog, but I have to say that I am writing this blog with a proud voice as I know I never would have done this a year ago. I am a shy woman who is trying really hard to overcome her shyness in order to promote something I am passionate about. I don't even recognize that shy girl anymore which is a good thing. I can say that I am proud of myself because once again, I tried.

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