Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marketing Yourself Is Not An Easy Task!

It is very hard for me to market myself. In the past when I first started blogging, I used to send my blog to celebrities. Naturally, I never heard a response. However, I secretively hoped that they read my blog. One time while getting my nails done, I mentioned my book to someone while we were drying our nails. She sounded interested, but you never know. It is very difficult for me to be aggressive and push my book. My husband has no problem promoting my book. In fact, he actually got positive feedback from someone he met on a train one day. The man he met purchased the book in front of my husband on his kindle. I deposited my first check from my book for one whole dollar. Yes it was only $1.00. Authors do not make much at all. We do it for the pleasure of writing; imagine that. Anyway, while depositing my check I decided to advertise myself to the bank teller. She wished me congrats but didn't really question me about my book too much. I did not have that salesman approach and let it go. I am a little lost for words and do not have any idea what to do in order to advertise myself. I do believe in my novella, Ignition: An Educator's Journey. However, my inner self prohibits me from advertising myself in a boastful manner. Any suggestions???

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