Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is a true celebrity?

I ask myself a question, what is a true celebrity? Today the world views celebrities differently than they did years ago. Celebrities used to be viewed as classy, sophisticated, and glamorous. In order to be a celebrity, you had to be in the movies. Today, you just have to cause controversy or be on a reality show in order to receive that title. I usually listen to the radio in the morning. They announce every day a different celebrity's birthday. Yesterday they announced that it was Joey Buttafuoco birthday. I do not nor would I ever consider him to be a celebrity. That made me feel disgusted. The radio talk show did announce his name in a derogatory way. However, why bring him up at all? I also cannot understand why the Kardashians are considered to be celebrities. Have they acted in a movie lately? I mean "really" act in a movie. The same goes for Paris Hilton. I do kind of like the nostalgia of the glitz and glamor associated with old fashioned "Hollywood." I miss that way of thinking. However, there are positive changes that takes place today and not years ago. Years ago, you had to look, act, or move a certain way. Today there are many talented people that are accepted and I appreciate that. However, I would not consider any "drama queen" or an "adulterer" to be a celebrity. It is an elite title and should be thought about before using it loosely. How does this make you feel?

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