Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Your Novella Comes To Life.

I recently published my novella titled, Ignition. The genre for Ignition is realistic fiction. This novella depicts a typical school with challenging students. Today, I am in awe to say that my novella came to life. For example, I had to cover a class in the safe-house. The safe-house is a place where students go when they have broken a rule. For example, getting into a fight, cursing out a teacher, doing something either offensive or naughty. One girl in the room refused to do her work and called me feisty when I told her to do her work. Then she addressed me as her "homegirl." She reminded me so much of my character, Leslie from my book. If I were to create a movie based on Ignition, she would have definitely landed the role as Leslie(a troubled teen who gets into trouble physically, emotionally with the dangerous student, Kevin Connelly.) Later that period, we heard yelling in the corridor outside the safe-house. This girl commented, "Oh well, someone is getting raped." I was appalled by this comment and knew that even my character, Leslie would probably not joke about rape. I felt sad for this girl who took such a horrific word so lightly. Rape is nothing to joke about especially for a young lady to do.
Anyway, I did want to share with you what a typical day can be like for a teacher in a school. As you can see, it is calming and tranquil filled with delightful, caring children that embrace the world with kindness and sincerity. One can hope!

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