Saturday, March 22, 2014

Superhero Day

Today at my school, we celebrated Superhero day where students and teachers dress up as their favorite superhero. In order to be part of the school spirit, I decided to dress up. Besides I thought it could be fun. I wore a blue and red cape that draped my back giving me that "super" look. Today, I ordered lunch with a few friends and we were talking while eating. Then it happened. A woman eating with us started to choke. It went down the wrong way and she started turning red and a touch of purple. Everyone surrounded her and tried to help her. I screamed out, "she needs a drink." I ran to get her drink,leaping over desks and chairs in a single bound. She was able to sip it slowly and was healed. The irony of this day. I was a superhero, at least for the moment. Was it me or was it the cape?

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