Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is change a good thing or a bad thing?

Some people like change. "Out with the old in with the new," is a common expression used. We can associate change with "Spring cleaning;" a term used when it is time to throw away the old and make room for new things. I, personally hate change. I like keeping old things and I guess Freud would consider me anal. Tonight, my husband updated my iPad and I was livid. I was upset because everything looks different. I detest that because I was quite comfortable the way things were. In terms of my writing, I don't mind change. For example, my novella, Ignition: An Educator's Journey changed dramatically from the original way I wrote it. It was originally written from a third person's point of view. This then changed to a first person's point of view, my main character, Karen Woolsworth. Later, I was told to add much dialogue so that the reader can fully be part of the characters' conversations. This kind of change, I did not mind. I rather enjoyed making all the changes as I knew it would better my book. However, it's the nitty gritty changes that involve updates on an iPad, cell phone, computer, cable service that I become uncomfortable with. I guess change can be good, but you have to want that change to take place. It can also be horrifying as well. For example, changing a job or moving to a new land. What do you feel about change? Is it time for you to do some spring cleaning in your life?

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